A brand refresh for Character Mailing

The decision we took to refresh the Character Mailing brand was to simplify our messaging and to give fresh impetus to the marketing strategy and create an identity to be proud of, as well as all the materials that naturally follow. A way also to tell the wider business community that we now have our own in–house creative team.

Character Mailing rebrand
We’ve kept the mark that has become synonymous with us for the last 10 years and manipulated it with a new choice of typographic style.

The old identity was looking a bit tired. Most modern fonts are chosen for appearance only, our team has aimed for relevance and context, as with all branding work we do. The monospace font used in our new identity, is a nod to the old typewriter and early computer systems, where characters where limited to fixed width – a homage of the old to the new. We truly embrace the digital era we live in, but we like a bit of historical reference too.

Choice of font can be a contentious issue. As with all design, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A bit like marmite – you either love it or hate it. We had split opinions here at the office too, take my word for it!

If we remove the relevance, in very simplistic terms the monospace font is simple, pure and most importantly legible. This is the most important reason for us. Direct Mail can be, to the uninitiated, a very complex process. Our approach to brand and how we communicate what we do,  is to discuss openly and simplistically our processes, we take this very seriously. Our marketing materials, both in print and online look to convey our message both visually, clearly and articulately.

To discuss your next direct mail campaign or design and lithographic print project call 0151 521 1313 or email info@charactermailing.co.uk to request an information pack.