A Day in the Life of a Data Programmer

coding and data programming at Character Mailing

Daily Automated Mailings

In data services and Data Programming, we get into work around 8.20am and get the all important coffee before starting work at 8.30am. Between 8.30am and 9.00am, we do thorough quality control checks on our daily jobs that use automation. It does not happen very often but if issues do arise, we can quickly remedy the situation. 

Individual Client Mailings

After the Daily Jobs have been quality checked, we start working on our individual mailings for Character Mailing’s wide variety of clients. Depending on the complexity, we can do a few mailings a day with a bit of lunch in between.

Character Mailing Services Direct Mail in Merseyside.

In Data Programming we know the importance of maintaining quality data on every single campaign that we carry out for our clients. Your mailing campaign will only be successful if the data files used in the process are up-to-date and free from errors. Character Mailing provide professional, quality data management and Data Sortation with processing services that will ensure that any client data we use is fully optimised and fit for purpose.

Our typical process for producing a mailing is as follows

  • Check e-mails for any data or information coming through from our clients.
  • Receiving our data through our secure GDPR compliant data transfer system.
  • Having a detailed look at the data brief from the client or a job bag produced through our internal Company Management System.
  • Check the data to make sure there are no problems. Any issues and then liaise with the client and suggest a solution.
  • If requested by the client, a data health check is performed. This includes updating addresses (PAF), deduplication, deceased removals, goneaway removal and address updating of re-movers, which is customers who have moved to another address. A health check report is then sent to the client, who then approve the removals.
  • Internal suppressions to be removed. This is when the client sends a list of names/addresses to be removed from the data.
  • The addition of mailing seeds. The client sometimes asks us to add themselves and people from their company into the data.
  • Mailsorting the data is the next step. This ensures the client gets the cheapest possible price for their postage.
  • Designing the mailpiece using the data supplied to client specifications using our template design software.
  • Then a PDF proof of the mailpiece is sent to the client via our secure data transfer system. Sometimes the client wants the mailpiece amending, this is done as instructed and new proofs are sent. The client then approves the mailpiece to print.
  • Final data quality/envelope window checks are done and then the whole mailing is sent over to either our cut sheet laser printers, continuous reels printer or our colour digital press for printing. The mailing is then professionally fulfilled and mailed.

Clients Matter

As you can see, Data Programming is a very varied occupation. Like any job, there are challenges but problem solving using many solutions and communicating with colleagues and clients is by far the best part of the day. 

The supportive nature and team culture of Character Mailing management and staff really helps out. There are two words that sum up everything that is done from 8.30am to 5.00pm, “Clients Matter”. 

That does not just apply to Data Programming but to Character Mailing Services as a whole. Talk to our team about your next mailing campaign on 0151 521 1313