We love digital design at Character Mailing, we’re digital designers that create websites that are truly functional – with an aim to simply work for your business, both aesthetically and functionally.

Our focus is to understand our clients business and starts with a series of question and answer sessions, before we even think about how it is going to look. We’ll need to know what makes your business tick, who your market and audience is – it’s only then, once we understand this, that we can work together to build content, discuss functionality and then the visualisation of your site.

If we get the foundations right from the start, you can then focus on the longer term success of your site and your strategy for keeping your website visible and engaging.

We’ll talk about integrating your social media channels into your site too, as well as configuring Google Analytics, Webmaster tools for site submissions, Google places for Map Listings and pointers on ongoing content management too. It’s a great process where we’ll both learn a lot about each other. Our aim is to give you the tools to keep your brand visible on the web.

Social media Branding

Consistency is key to really drive your brand and it’s message. The team will make sure your social media assets reflect this.

Email Marketing

A natural progression for us, is taking our digital skills to develop email marketing campaigns. In a much similar way to creating a great brochure or website, we’ll take your content, understand your goals and aims and design campaigns that sit perfectly within your branding framework.

Talk to our team about your next website, email or social branding project on 0151 521 1313 or fill in the form over.